5 Diverse Summer Reading Programs To Help Your Child Stay On Target This Summer And Excel In The Fall

You may or may not have heard of Summer Slide. It’s not a theme park or roller coaster ride for kids. The summer slide is a decline in reading ability and other academic skills that can occur over the summer months when school isn’t in session.If you have a child on an IEP or 504 […]

ICYMI A Few Ways Companies Can Serve The Community And Their Workers While Implementing A Few Practices

This Earth Month was a great one for me. I finally was able to extend my network and work with people in my community to help implement tools and create processes for change. Typically, I focus on education. But this year, I plan to empower others in their decision-making. This year’s Earth Day theme was […]

Is Your Writing Productivity Lagging? Organize Your Thoughts Fast With These Simple Tricks

Anyone that has written anything for someone else has found themselves circling the intersections of the dreaded deadline meets the complex subject on numerous occasions. I know I have. I like to go deep into topics and have long conversations with my subjects. These introspective pow wow sessions are good for my soul, making new acquaintances, […]

I Can Attest To The Fact That Brain Tumors Suck, Which Is Why I Go Hard For The Environment

If you logged onto this site a few years back, you will notice that it has gone through several iterations. Initially this website began as a way to bring awareness to pediatric brain tumors and to share how I used art as therapy for my grief journey. I still do. In 2015, my 3-year old […]


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