Chiara Atoyebi is a professional actor, writer, teacher and self taught artist. It was through the untimely  death of her five year old daughter Calais, who died of a malignant brain tumor, did she feel compelled to start this blog and encourage women to live their truth. Chiara is the founder the of Calais Arts, in her daughter Calais’ memory, which is currently in its beginning stages through this online community here. Her daughter was a deeply soulful, vibrant, creative and loving being and was the single vehicle that set her mother on her path to living a more fulfilled and authentic life.  Before her daughter’s death she wore many masks to hide her broken places. Many of which she could not vocalize because she had no voice at all. Through the journey of loving her child through cancer, one of the scariest things to experience and almost losing her whole family in the process, she found herself and her voice. Her daughter gave her the greatest gift. The vehicle of creativity that she left behind for her family is art. Art inspires divine healing on many levels through its ability to connect, inspire and heal. That is what this blog is about. Let’s be well together. Hold space for each other. Let’s continually lift each other up in love. Until then Heal Thyself with Art. Art is Life.

With Love,


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