Chiara’s Story

Chiara Atoyebi is a professional film and television actress, writer, educator  and interdisciplinary artist. The White Room was first established as an exploration of arts healing properties. Prompted by the untimely  death of her five year old daughter Calais, who died of a malignant brain tumor, Chiara felt compelled to start this blog and encourage women to live their truth. Additonally, she hopes to understand and investigate the environmental factors that may have led to her daughter’s condition. Chiara is the founder the of The White Room, The Hope Chest, Vision From The Roots Publishing, and is currently an editor for ArtLines Magazine, an art journal affiliated with the National Women’s Caucus for Art. Chiara is deeply passionate about the environment and it’s healing properties.  She has been an advocate of a vegetarian diet for over 20 years as it relates to cultuvating a spiritual and non-violent lifestyle.  She is deeply connected to the land, reverant to African Diasporic and Indigenous and contemporary history and culture. She is also committed to the equality of all women and reports on this topic widely.

“Our babies gives  us wings and protection.”- Chiara Atoyebi

This online community will continue to evolve because her  story and mission are massive. The items reported on, the information shared, and the creation of a sustainable lifestyle is the lesson to be share. All of it is dedicated to her family and all the mothers who have mourned a loss or want better for themselves and others.  Her daughter was a deeply soulful, vibrant, creative and loving being and was the single vehicle that set her mother on her path to living a more fulfilled and authentic life.  Before her daughter’s death Chiara wore many masks to hide her broken places. Many of which she could not vocalize because she had no voice at all. That is no longer the case and she lives a life of freedom and encourages others to do the same through digital media.

Her daughter gave her the greatest gift–the gift of life.

 Let’s be well together. Hold space for each other. Let’s continually lift each other up in love. Let’s live a life of gratitude, serve others and make the world a better place.

With Love,