Homecoming: How African Traditional Religion Restored My Faith

Last year, at the beginning of Women’s History Month, my article about the beginnings of me embracing folk traditions that were indigenous to myself as a African Diasporic woman provided the fastest and most permanent healing to date. Ironically, I have evolved even more since that moment.

I recommend everyone explore their culture in a way that is meaningful to them. Not just a DNA test, but as cultural custodian of your own existence. I believe you will find true happiness and purpose in your life by walking life with the spirit of your ancestors.

As always, I invite you to explore my international artistic community at the Women’s Caucus for Art. I love to find women who feel that they create in obscurity, or are just hobbyists, or too old to live out their creative dreams and bring them into the fold and help them regain their voice. If you have ever wondered if your artistic life has meaning or even power–I promise you it does. Drop me a message in the comments and let’s talk about your creative life. I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. As usual Chiara you bring inspiration and motivation in your written words! I differ with your comment: “older folk” – I would use wisdom filled!

    Thank you Chiara, for having the comment section!

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