My Dream Home In The Mountains Over Looking the Water Surrounded By Trees

“May your home be a safe haven amidst life’s ebbs and flows.”

-Chiara Atoyebi

This past weekend I took a brief trip to the Adirondacks and then over to Manhattan and stayed in a hotel down the street from where I lived in Midtown. As I walked through the neighborhood and reminisced on all the amazing restaurants and bars I frequented, I thought to myself, “you were one lucky woman living here!” And as much as I love it, it was a great experience, but I don’t think it could be my forever experience.

Years before I lived in the city, I imagined myself living a life similar to the one I wrote about in my book Broken Heels. Well, I touched on it, but definitely not enough. Thinking about it now, reminds me of how I need to finish book two, which takes place in San Fransico. New York and San Fransico are my favorite places to live for two reasons. I love the density and the anonymity I feel in New York City, and I also love the architecture, hills, and water signature of the Golden City. However, when I think about my dream home, I know I can’t live in a concrete jungle unless there is a lot of foliage around.

So What Is A Dream Home?

In many ways, I live in my dream home. It’s not my dream location because I am not in the mountains nor am I near any water, but, I am surrounded by trees, parks, and greenspaces–all of which I love.

photo of green trees in the forest
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About two years ago, I was thinking that I wanted to live in Atlanta. I would get this sprawling home with a basketball court outside, two kitchens, a large foyer that I could look down on from upstairs, balconies, a sauna, an inground pool, a large studio for me, and six bedrooms for family and friends. With the home being so large I wanted it to also feel cozy and accessible as well. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? I think so too. But, it would still be a house, not a dream house. So what is the difference?

In my dream house, I would have all of the things I mentioned and then some. Plus, it would have to be in a warm location. Either, on a coast or in the Caribbean, so I can live in the hills and overlook the water. With a location like that, you don’t need much else. At least I don’t think so.

In my most recent thoughts about a dream home, I’ve thought about raising my youngest by the water. When I lived on the island of Saipan, I watched my students surfing, scuba diving, and studying marine life. The water was so natural to them that I hoped that when I started to have kids, I would raise them in this way. Technically it’s not too late, what do you think? Where is your dream home and when would you like to make your dream a reality?

At the end of the day, my true dream home is filled with peace, love, and laughter surrounded by a beautiful aesthetic–and that could be almost anywhere.


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