Monday Musings: Febraury 14, 2022

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This morning while I was journaling, I began working on a piece about networking and managing core belief while excelling in capitalism. If that’s possible. There are some harsh realities surrounding capitalisms #stayingpower. I delve into those deeper on Medium. Ideas about #democracy, making things equitable, and doing the work of our own hands. Since money is always an issue to some degree, we can consider how who we are as people is the most transferable skill we have to offer in today’s economy. Today is about #money#networking and what you plan to do with your fantastic gifts when you discover them. In January, Fast Company ran an article referencing the 4.5 million people that have already left the workforce during the #greatresignation. I predict there will be more. Look, nothing screams, “take that chance now” more than surviving and existing in an ongoing pandemic. You get paid just enough to hold your head up but not enough to make real moves. The weight of that type of cognitive dissonance and ablation of self is draining. Might as well, get into it yuh? What do you have to lose?

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The good news is you can do whatever you want. You just have to decide what’s important to you. There is no shame in leaving or staying. This is about what makes your heart sing. It’s also not uncommon to not know what you want. This world is so distracting but it becomes less so when you have found your–thing. When you have been lost, you can become found again. There is hope. One of the best ways to rediscover what you want or remember, is through engaging your relationships and networking with them. If you cringe at networking, I feel you. It has a bad reputation. The word feels formal and opportunistic. Essentially, it’s really just being yourself and having a conversation. Hopefully, a good one, and not an interrogation. If you aren’t the best conversationalist, make sure you read the top stories of the paper. 

Voila! You just networked. Get your mind right and get on out there. You got this. That is the mystery of networking. Some of the best “networking” happens with casual conversation. Conversations are a form of intimacy that offers connection, and connections lead to the #opportunity. Those opportunities aligned with your skill set/personality is a way to consider how you should navigate the job market. What will make you the happiest? Whether you decide to jump into a new venture, stay and build upon an existing infrastructure, or spread your skills with a variety of corparations as a consultant — it’s all good. The work style should not increase, or decrease based on your decision. You should be always managing with excellence. The brand is you. The more you know yourself the better able you are able to articulate what you bring to the table. So, with all of your amazing gifts, what will you do? #LinkedIn is the place for it. An open audition in front of casting directors. Take advantage of it. #people #networking


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